Arron was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire and was just 9 years old when he discovered magic for the first time. At 11 years of age he became a member of the Northern Magic Circle and then later on at the age of 16, a member of the Bradford Magic Circle.

One Christmas as a present from his mum and dad he received a magic set containing 100 simple tricks that anyone could do. That was it; he loved it and soon became fascinated with the whole idea. Unlike most crazes that became boring after a while, magic was an obsession with him and he wanted to find out how to perform new and exciting tricks for his friends and family. As the years passed he digested more complex books on sleight of hand, viewed instructional videos and watched magicians on the television and in the theatre to gain as much knowledge and experience as he could.

Arron has now been performing magic for over 25 years in every type of venue imaginable…So why not yours?  Let him add that touch of magic to your event, wedding or party…you won’t be disappointed!