Below are answers to a few frequently asked questions...

Anyone can set up a website and call themselves a ‘professional magician’, but how do you know if they’re any good? A good idea for starters is to have a look at their website, facebook page or similar. Here you should find plenty of photographs and maybe some videos of the magician performing at various functions and events. Look at the faces of the audience, are they having a good time, are they clearly being entertained or do they look like they’re having the worst day ever? Is the magician smart and presentable? Would you be happy allowing that magician to approach and entertain your guests? The magician you hire for your event is going to be let loose among your guests…don’t forget, they’ll be a reflection on you as an individual or a reflection of your company…so please make the right choice!

Arron prides himself on quality of service and entertainment. Most of Arron’s work is via word of mouth, repeat bookings or from seeing him perform and booking him there and then! Arron is so confident that you will be more than happy with his service, that he offers a money back satisfaction guarantee if he fails to meet your requirements. How’s that for reassurance and confidence?

There are some magicians who only do magic for friends, family or for the ladies and gents down the local pub. There is nothing wrong with this…however, if you are enquiring about a magician for your wedding or corporate event, you are going to want someone who performs magic professionally and will give an excellent level of service. They should be happy to provide you with contact details, the relevant paperwork, reply to your enquiries promptly and be happy to answer all of your questions.

Arron can offer a meet and greet, free of charge (providing the meet location is relatively local). Here you can speak with Arron in person, get to witness some magic and get a general feel for his personality and style of performing prior to going ahead with any potential booking. Again, this is a just an added extra to offer further reassurance and confidence when deciding whether to book.

There are many different styles of magic. Arron’s specialty is close-up magic. This is where Arron wanders around and does all of the magic for your guests right under their noses with cards, coins, borrowed objects and even the very thoughts of your guests! Arron’s close-up magic offers the flexibility to be performed virtually any time in any place. With his unique presentation he creates the perfect atmosphere and can effectively suit your requirements. Years of experience performing means his magic blends in perfectly to enhance the occasion. This flexible approach allows him to work around your schedule and ensures that his magic will make a significant contribution to your special celebration.

Prices for magicians do vary. You may get the enthusiastic amateur who has learnt a few tricks online or has bought a few tricks from a joke shop. They’ll be more than happy to perform for a bit of ‘beer money’. The question is, ‘do you really want and trust this level of experience to entertain your guests?’

Arron’s fee reflects his quality of magic and entertainment. You will come to see that the magic Arron performs aren’t just tricks strung together one after the other, he works with and for your guests, delivering his magic in a style that is engaging, cleverly routined and above all entertaining. This is achieved by the amount of time and effort Arron has spent honing his skills of presentation, sleight of hand followed by gaining invaluable experience at numerous performances at various events around the country.

Arron’s fee will possibly be one of the smaller parts of your budget, but guarantees to add something extraordinary into the day. Call for a no obligation quote or fill out the form on the contact page.

The Drinks Reception / Photographs
The ideal ice breaker, Arron will mix and mingle with your guests prior to the wedding breakfast and / or whilst certain groups are away having photographs taken with the wedding photographer.

Having group, friends and family photographs is an essential part of any wedding day but if you are not involved this section of the day, it can seem quite long and boring, and therefore the perfect time for Arron to engage your guests with some amazing close up magic. It keeps your guests entertained during the ‘lull’ sections of the day.

The Wedding Breakfast
Table magic in between courses of the meal. Table magic fits in perfectly between the courses of the meal and the best bit is you will be able to watch as Arron adds to the atmosphere of the room! This option is usually combined with and after the drinks reception.

The Room Change / Evening Reception
After the wedding breakfast has finished there is a natural ‘lull’ where your day guests will hopefully have full bellies and now await the room to be changed, ready for the evening reception. Often this will also be the point where new guests start to arrive for the evening reception. Guests at weddings don’t always know each other, so close up magic helps break the ice, relax and most of all entertain.